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For many years, MultiLoader has developed a sound expertise in the sidelifter industry. First acting as the official dealer of a well established brand of sidelifters all over the world, we introduced the very concept of sidelifter in these islands and supported our clients' growth. Then, with ever more demanding clients in terms of technical solutions and after sales support, we became an independant manufacturer, vertically integrated, dealing with designing, manufacturing and distribution gour new range of sidelifters : the MultiLoader. The most advanced sideloader for mature markets, the Multiloader is the latest addition in the Boxloader's range. Multipurpose (grounding, transfers, double stacking), the operations have been designed to be user friendly. Able to lift 35 tons, the payload is also maximized thanks to innovative design. Also available for Truck Mounted Series. We have a contract with the major manufactures in france to produce high quality services. We deals with major types of all equipments,components,gearbox,spare parts & engines. We are using german,france&european countries technologies in our equipments and multi loaders. We will provide a better quality service for our products.

For many years, we are conceiving and distributing side lifters all over the world. The range of our products has been created according to the users’ needs. Each equipment is designed to comply with legal and technical local regulations. As reliable partners, our technical and sales team not only listen carefully to the customers’ comments on their equipments, but also support them by providing them with the latest technologies available. Choosing a. sidelifter for your activity is more than just another equipment amongst others. It is having a business partner that will stand at your side during the entire life of the sidelifter.

We designed a range of products that covers all the clients needs. At the same time, we require always more from our sales and technical teams in terms of service and support in order to support you in designing the solutions you really need. As a matter of fact, choosing MultiLoader does not make you another client : it is rather the beginning of a long term partnership, profitable for both of us. The end user being our main concern of our industrial and marketing developments, we are determined to be the unchallenged leader in terms of innovations, performances and quality.

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